The Mexican Migration Field Research Program

Cutting-edge research on migration by students at UCSD

The Program

The Mexican Migration Field Research Program (MMFRP) is a nationally-renowned academic program housed at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) which

  • Produces cutting-edge research on migration and forced displacement, using fieldwork-based, binational, team research
  • Trains the next generation of immigrant advocates, giving them expertise on international migration and skills in data collection and analysis
  • Disseminates findings through scholarly publications, web-based reports and briefings for public officials and the media

Our Work

We co-design all projects with our NGO partners to directly inform immigration advocacy in the San Diego-Tijuana border region.

In 2020-21 we have four partners: Al Otro Lado, Innovation Law Lab, Espacio Migrante, and the Center on Global Justice, with whom we are working to analyze original data and advocate for asylum seekers stuck in Tijuana and in US immigration detention.

90% of our students are Latin@ first-generation college students.

How You Can Help

Apply to Participate

Current UCSD graduate and undergraduate students can apply to join our year-long fieldwork training program and become part of an international network of immigration changemakers.


Our partners provide urgently-needed support to Mexican deportees and asylum seekers from all over the world.

We also welcome contributions to the program itself, which enable us to train first-generation students as immigration scholars and advocates.

Contact Us

For more information, feel free to message us. We are glad to talk more about our program and possibilities for collaboration.