The Program

The MMFRP is a year-long, community-based research practicum on migration and social justice, in which students do primary research and write public reports. Many students describe it as one of their most meaningful experiences in college.

There is no cost to participate. All costs of travel are covered by the program.

The program satisfies the 6th college experiential requirement, 7th college high impact requirement, as well as other international fieldwork and practicum requirements. It also makes up most of the UCSD Human Rights & Migration minor.

Requirements & Eligibility

To participate, students must speak proficient or fluent Spanish and commit to the full year-long program. Undergraduates should have 3rd or 4th year standing. Graduate students should email the program director for specifics. Undergraduates enroll in a series of four courses, two in fall, one *eight units* in winter, and one in spring:

  • FALL: 1) USP 162 (Migration and the City), and 2) USP 163 (Community-Engaged Research and Planning)
  • WINTER: USP 188 (Fieldwork in Migrant Communities), winter – ** 8 units
  • SPRING: USP 188B (Research Analysis and Reporting),

During winter quarter, in addition to class time, students spend approximately one full day each week conducting fieldwork. The winter course is a demanding eight units, and we recommend a maximum of 1-2 other courses in the winter quarter.

We welcome DACA and undocumented students and have options to participate without international travel.

We occasionally make exceptions to the requirements for talented students.


To apply, please fill out this linked form and enroll in USP 162 and USP 163 (undergraduate) or LATI 222A (graduate) for next Fall.

  • Among undergraduates, priority is given to Spanish speakers and those with upper-class standing (3rd or 4th year), but other students may participate if space is available.
  • Graduate students will do additional research design work, above and beyond the undergraduate requirements. This work will be tailored to your research interests where possible.

Applications are due by September 10, 2023, and you will be notified by September 15.

For more info please contact Dr. Abigail Andrews at alandrews AT ucsd DOT edu.