The MMFRP trains the next generation of immigration scholars and advocates. 90% of our student researchers are immigrants or children of immigrants. Our alumni go on to careers in law, policy, healthcare, education, and academia.

Director: Abigail Andrews

Dr. Abigail Andrews is a nationally-recognized scholar of Mexico-US migration, immigration enforcement, political advocacy, and gender. She is an Associate Professor of Sociology at UCSD and an alumna of the MMFRP (2010-2011). She has directed the program since 2018.

Coordinator: Adriana López Acle Delgado

Adriana López Acle Delgado is a PhD student in Sociology at UCSD. Raised in Tijuana, she has worked with migrants at the border for over a decade. She is currently doing research on the impact of violence in transit on asylum seekers’ migration decisions.

Adriana participated in the MMFRP in 2020-2021.

Student Researchers

We accept 35 graduate and undergraduate student researchers a year. Students apply in a competitive process and commit to joining the team for a year. 90% of our student researchers are Latino, first-generation college students. Most grew up in California to immigrant parents from Mexico or Central America. All are bilingual in Spanish and English.

Click here for bios of our 2021-2022 student team.


MMFRP alumni are prominent leaders in the field of immigration, with many going on to careers as immigration advocates, lawyers, policymakers, scholars, doctors and public health leaders, educators, social workers and more.


The MMFRP is administered by Ana Minvielle-Blakesley at the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at UCSD.